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Nirvana – the more GTD tailored tool

After over a year I have switched to using Nirvana because the tool is idea for GTD.  Available on mobile and as a website, it really makes a difference to the concept of project, and crucially brings proper START DATES so actions are out of

Todoist – My Setup

I’m a huge fan of the Todoist app for task management. It’s simple and configurable, so you can mould it to your needs … but where do you start. I split my tasks into two broad areas; home and work. ¬†Within each (with slight name

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Todoist – Listing the Tasks you want with Filters

Some task managers, notably Omnifocus, have a date field that hides a task until it can be worked on. You can effectively do the same thing with Todoist by careful use of filters. NOTE: This article makes more sense if you read Todoist- My setup